Jan Admit, writer for Green Apple, COOP Service Intern

So tell me a little bit about your shelves.

They’re very organized, because I’m a very organized person. My friends always tell me how organized I am.

Is there any type of system you have for organizing your shelves? 

Not really.

What about the books?

Oh, the books are arranged by height. It’s more aesthetically pleasing that way.

And the boxes tea on the top shelf?

Also arranged by height, though in reverse order.

How did you choose which books to put on your shelf?

Most of these books are for school (gestures toward Kafka) but three of them were given to me by some of my friends when my mom passed away. I haven’t read them yet. My friends know me really well, though, so I know that I’ll like these books. I also have this one book…it’s just lists for the future. You know, one of those books you get from Urban Outfitters. It’s all lists I can fill in for what I might do in the future.

What about the letters pinned up above the books?

Those are also personalfrom different friends at different times in my life. I like memories. Most of them are fairly recent. For example, my Outreach Adventure Award is also here. It’s “for our favorite little chef”…of course, this is full of inside jokes.

Are most of the memories here recent memories?

Yeah I think so. I have a lot of stuff from London, which is where I was last semester. Some of my mugs on the top shelf are from London. I drink a lot of tea so those mugs get a lot of use. I have pictures from London. Oh! Here’s a ticket stub from a performance of Macbeth I saw at the Globe Theatre. But there’s also some things here from my hometown.

Who are in these framed pictures by the books?

So that’s my best friend from home and me. This is my sister and me from when we were babies. But some of the stuff from home isn’t photographs. This ladybug and heart are both from my boyfriend.

So everything on your desk is associated with a personal memory?

Yeah I would say so. I mean I have Advil, Purell and Nyquil also because I care about my well-being, but they also serve as bookends.

Interview by John Rufo

Photo by Sean D. Henry-Smith